Presentation & Public Speaking Coach

Find your true presenting voice with your coach

Hi, my name is Matteo and I will be your coach. With my support you will:

  • Regain your confidence;
  • Win fear of public speaking;
  • Learn how to use your voice effectively;
  • Tame anxiety;
  • Leverage stories;
  • Rehearse with the help of a pro;
  • Experience transformative workshops;
  • Discover your own true voice;
  • Be your best self on stage (and on zoom);
  • Learn the insider tips of the trade;
  • Become a skillful public speaker who is persuasive and calm.

Do you have a big presentation coming up?

You need to impress an audience of important stakeholders, and you’re not feeling prepared?

With such a big event looming, you may doubt your story, the structure of your presentation. You may feel insecure in your delivery, in your voice, or body language. You could feel overwhelmed by the fear and friction of speaking in public.

Public speaking coaches like me are here to help transform your insecurities into your strengths. I am here to make your next presentation a massive success.

Speak with confidence and with your own unique style on any occasion to any audience.

Presentation Skills and Public Speaking Training are an effective, short-term, personalized solution for your public speaking and presentation skills needs.

Everyone deserves to speak and present effectively, to be understood clearly, to come across as inspiring. Bringing people together, motivating them to follow you, and moving them to action are core competencies in any line of work, at any level.

Do you want to speak with confidence, power, and ease?

Some presenters seem to be able to charm any room naturally. Their presence is charismatic, their gestures are harmonious, their voice is soothing, and their gaze is mesmerizing.

These aren’t innate abilities but instead learned and trained skills. Everyone can charm the room. You deserve to speak with great confidence: speaking in public should not be an obstacle on the way to your goals. You should also express the whole gamut of your power and personality while on stage and do it while feeling calm, at ease.

I want to show you how.

It’s never too late to save your peers from a bad presentation.

Presentation Coaching develops the most important skills of masterful presenting:

Presentation Structure

The idea

Presentation Design

The visuals

Presentation Delivery

The human element

Audience Interaction

The relationship

Executive presentations coaching training for talks, presentations, and speeches

Speaking in public can take many forms. You might need to persuade 2 board members with a technical presentation. You may need to convince a team of 10 to follow your lead with a speech. You might need to inspire a group of 100 with a keynote. Or even move thousands of people to action by creating an online video or a TED-style presentation.

We will define the goals for each presentation and audience, refine the proper format, and understand what delivery style will lead to the best outcomes.

Online & In-Person Presentation & Public Speaking Coaching Programs

Public Speaking Pitch Coach

  • Investor Pitch
  • Elevator Pitch
  • Partner Pitch
  • Funding Round
  • Company Pitch
  • Product Lineup Pitch

Keynote Presentation Skills Coach

  • Corporate Profile Presentation
  • Public Speaking
  • Keynote/Inspiring Talk
  • TED-Style Talk
  • Storytelling
  • Toasts and Awards Ceremonies

Executive Presentation Skills Coach

  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • Meetings & Updates
  • Agile Ceremonies
  • Board Meeting
  • Internal Presentation
  • Company Profile

Sales Presentation Skills Coach

  • Sales Presentation
  • Sales Pitch
  • Lead Qualification
  • Sales Objections
  • Sales Conversation
  • Storytelling for Sales
  • Closing the Prospect

Is presentation skills coaching for you?

Presentation and public speaking coaching with Matteo Cassese is perfect for you if:

  • You’re having trouble keeping the attention of your audience;
  • Your lack of confidence is impeding your next career advancement;
  • You often forget what you need to say next and blank out;
  • Your peers, colleagues and bosses don’t recognize your potential;
  • You suffer from fear of public speaking;
  • You are not confident while presenting online;
  • You use too many words and lose the connection with your audience;
  • You feel that people with lesser ideas than yours are receiving more recognition than you;
  • You’re not getting your point across.

Is presentation skills coaching going to help me reach individual my goals?

You’re in the right place if you feel it’s time to:

  • Forget about anxiety and fear of public speaking;
  • Use your public speaking skills to express your full potential and step up the career ladder;
  • Speak concisely and consistently convey your best ideas;
  • Never lose your train of thought even under pressure;
  • Always be ready for an impromptu speech;
  • Think and strategize your talks on your feet without prior preparation;
  • Build your success upon your public speaking skills.

How does individual presentation coaching work?

There are six steps to a successful public speaking coaching engagement:

  • An initial call to best understand your goals;
  • A survey that helps the coach best assess your current level, strengths, and weak spots, and needs;
  • A customized proposal with a clear path and recognition of your specific goals;
  • A pre-training call to define expectations and logistical details;
  • The coaching and training meetings;
  • A review of the work done through specific feedback tools.

Presentation Skills Pitch Coaching

Presenting is hard; pitching is harder. You need to deliver an information-dense presentation to a scrutinizing audience within a limited time frame. Here is what we will work on during our Public Speaking Pitch Coaching program:

  • Create a clear value proposition
  • Develop a clear ask
  • Develop a compelling pitch
  • Create a convincing pitch-deck
  • Generate support materials to respond to any Q&A
  • Prepare to face investors
  • Prepare for contrarian positions
  • Engage with the audience
  • Listen & integrate feedback

Keynote Presentation Skills Coaching

Conquering the hearts and minds of your audience, planting the seed of a new idea, moving them to action: these are the jobs of a keynote presenter. Here is what we will work on during our Keynote Public Speaking Training program:

  • Frame and understand the audience
  • Develop a clear outcome
  • Open with a strong first act
  • Develop the story while handling objections
  • Refine the climax and transform your audience
  • Close skillfully
  • Handle Q&A with charm
  • Master the body language
  • Develop inspiring visuals
  • Bring it all together into a coherent narrative

Corporate Presentation Skills & Public Speaking Coaching

The boardroom is a great environment for a debate, less so for a presentation. The corporate presenter has to climb uphill in order to make their intention clear, fight distractions, and get their message across successfully. Here is what we will work on during our Corporate Presentation Training program:

  • Define the stakeholders
  • Investigate their intentions and desired outcomes
  • Define success
  • Find the right presentation style
  • Fit the message into a story arc
  • Develop arguments that fight objections
  • Define the most transformational moment
  • Find smart to-dos for the attendees
  • Frame the debate
  • Gather feedback from peers
  • Practice responding to questions
  • Close the meeting with a strategic focus

Sales Presentation Skills Coaching

Sales Presentations are high-stakes, non-linear, outcome-focused performances. Their correct execution creates successful sales professionals with lasting legacies. Here is what we will work on during our Sales Presentation Training program:

  • Prospect analysis through personas
  • Direct investigation of individual prospects
  • Corporate lingo of the prospect organization
  • The empathic process
  • Match the pain of the prospect
  • Use storytelling for sales
  • Explain through facts and feelings
  • Make it personal
  • Transitioning from sales presentation to sales conversation
  • Leading the sales conversation
  • Dealing with complicated prospects
  • Revealing your game plan
  • Get to closing

Don’t take my word for it

Discover what my previous customers had to say.

“[Presentation Hero] has already changed thoroughly the way I deliver my presentations. Guess what? I just arrived from a 3 hours presentation that made my audience fall from their chair. True story! People immediately signed up. After lunch I was confirmed to become their partner in sales development.”

Francois Laporte

Financial Consultant

“Incorporating Presentation Hero into my Public Speaking class yielded tangible results in the quality of my students’ presentations. From planning to slide creation to delivery, Presentation Hero guided students through the entire process with accessible videos and a well-founded theoretical framework.”

Stephanie Richards

Professor, John Cabot University

“If you’re gearing up for your next pitch and you’re not already using Presentation Hero, you either are a genius or… you’re doing it all wrong.”

Andrea Volpini

Founder & CEO, Wordlift

What You Will Learn

Throughout a presentation skills and public speaking training program, you will learn:

  • Self-analysis (assessment, measurement, evaluation)
  • Body language (gestures, facial expressions, posture)
  • Articulation (language choice, pronunciation, lingo)
  • How to overcome a fear of public speaking (calm your nerves, control rising panic, routines)
  • Improvisation skills (thinking on the spot, avoiding brain-freeze, storytelling first)
  • Shaping your message based on your audience (stakeholders, personas, investigation)
  • Skillful use of visuals in PowerPoint, Keynote, Google Slides, and any online presentation service (palettes, templates, fonts)
  • Self-image (makeup, costume, props)
  • Voice (tone, intensity, breathing)
  • Command of the stage (attitude, position, movement)
  • Acting skills (pauses, pacing, gesticulation)
  • Storytelling structure (three-act structure, motivating your audience, story climax)
  • Ending the presentation on a high (bird’s-eye view, summary, to-dos)
  • Handling Q&As, difficult audiences, and contrariant questions (resistance, opposition, non-questions)

Act now

Bad presenters ignore the rules.
Average presenters follow the rules.
Great presenters break the rules.

Learn the rules so that you know how to break them.
Let your uniqueness and your authenticity shine through.
Find the best presenter in you, with Presentation Hero.


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