Are you shaping your business, or is your business shaping you?

Your job as a leader is to feel uncomfortable.

As a leader, you must show the world that things are not ok the way they are. There is a gap between today and the brighter tomorrow you’re creating. You live in that gap. Leaders face pushback, rejection, and burnout. You live in a crisis and must enjoy it.ย 

If you disagree with the last paragraph, you’re not a leader. You may be a team player. Nothing wrong with that. You thrive in harmony.

Are you a leader or a team player? Are you ready to enjoy conflict? 

You’ve spent time creating a wall between yourself and your business self. A professional avatar of a founder. It’s a dangerous disconnect. It’s the cause of the anxiety you’re feeling. Let’s change that.

What if you instinctively knew what to do and felt great about any decisions? 

To feel that way, you must connect your emotions to the business you created. Put your deep values into your business, and it’ll start doing what you really want. Now you look at your business from a human point of view. You’re authentic to your core values. You can make decisions and communicate anything to anyone with incredible confidence. 

But why stop there? An aligned, authentic founder shouldn’t just launch a product or service. Let your imagination run free: you are born to build worlds. 

Companies like Apple, Ferrari, and Netflix don’t just tell stories but unite their fans under powerful brands, celebrate success with well-rehearsed rituals, and give their tribe a sense of community and belonging. You, too, can breathe life into your myth. 

My name is Matteo Cassese. I never set out to become a coach; my clients made me one. I’ve worked in corporate (Warner Bros.) as a consultant (Netflix) as uni teacher (Unilink) and finally found my way as a coach. To be the best coach in the world, I need to bring my true self to every encounter with you. I am a queer nerd into mythology, technology, tarot, fitness, nature, and cars.

Through the trials and tribulations of my life, including 10+ years of therapy, I’ve been given a magic spell: I can create a space for you to feel totally vulnerable and completely fine at the same time. 

Do you want to join me in that space? 

Myth Maker is a community of founders taking a break from the speed of business, giving courage to each other, and doing the awareness workout needed to leave all frameworks behind, become their authentic selves, and finally gain control over their lives and businesses. Some would call it a mastermind, but it vibes more with a peer support group.

To apply, book a call below.

โ€œA complete game-changer. I have never felt more fucking powerful. I felt like I could take on the world after our call. I felt like it was my narrative again. I was so good. I felt like a new woman. It was amazing.โ€

Charly Machin – Founder, Driller Queens

“Excruciatingly useful. It makes it super fun to do things and super fun to just be. I can really think out of the box. All people in positions of power should do this.”

Ray Tarantino – Founder, Forequest

“I never felt so connected with myself and my own decision-making. Yes, it was business coaching, but we discussed so much more than just business: our feelings, personalities, and values that ultimately influence our business decisions. I felt understood and not alone anymore.”

Katja Hamler – Founder, Urban Kiwi

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