Are you a slave to your startup?

Your business isn’t just about results; it’s also about how you feel.
Ignore those feelings, and you won’t reach your goals.

My name is Matteo Cassese. I’m a coach with a superpower: I create a space for founders to be vulnerable yet safe. In this space, I work on:

  • How your authenticity determines all your choices.
  • How your imagination is in danger.
  • How you need to embrace conflict to become a powerful leader.
  • How you must stop just building products and start building worlds.

I’ve written a one-page manifesto. It’s time you read it. Access it below.

“Everyone should be doing this because this is the future. This is how we grow things that are healthy for the world and healthy for us, as well. And this is how we have healthy teams and healthy businesses, because all of that falls to shit if the person doing the work at the top is emotionally disconnected from what they’re building.”

Charly Machin – Founder, Driller Queens

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